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What A Life

Jul 30,2017

The figure of Najwa Shihab seems to be a podium of trust of Indonesian’s people to verify political information. She looks undefiled, critical, decisive, and bewitch. However, her action...

May 07,2017

"Keep things simple. Leave the emotion out. Take good care of your people, and they will take care of your guests. It is a reciprocal relationship." Jack Widagdo states....

Apr 18,2015

Joe Taslim is definitely not your ‘average Joe’; A gold medalist as a Judo athlete, the SWAT team leader in the Internationally-acclaimed action-packed movie ‘The Raid...

Apr 03,2015

It's always double giggles, double grins, and double trouble if you're blessed with twins. Always walk and sleep hand-in-hand since they were on the womb makes they’re inseparable and...

Mar 23,2015

It might seem crazy what I’m about to say; Pharrell Williams is a hot air balloon that could go to space and can’t nothing bring him down because his level’s too high. We can even...