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Apr 18,2015
The All-Around Woman/Painting Rebecca
Songstress and model Rebecca Reijman had been laying low after giving birth to a baby boy in late 2012, butshe is now ready to get back into action. This time, she’s bringing her A game.

Back in 2007, the Hague-born Rebecca Reijmangot her breakthrough in the Indonesian music world when she released KataHati, her debut album. Her distinct voice helped her to stay on top of the charts, while her Eurasian beauty made her a favorite among editors who frequently featured her on the covers of their magazines. 

Film offers came along soon after she released her sophomore album,Rock ‘N Soul, in 2009. To this date, she has starred in three movies, playing the lead in two of them, namely D’Lovein 2010 and RumahHantuPasarMalam (Night Fair Haunted House) in 2012.

In the same year, she married David Danny Muchtar and gave birth to their first son, CheCailo. And with that, a new Rebecca was born. Art-minded, Rebecca is now determined to make a well-sculpted third album. Between recording and motherhood, Rebecca also dedicates her spare time to SyairUntukSahabat (Poem for a Friend), a foundation aimed to assist Indonesian children with HIV/AIDS, and Arqueonautas, an international company dedicated to protect world maritime heritage.
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