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Jul 30,2017
Nusa Gastronomy
Chef Ragil and food go a long way back. He established his career in various restaurants and hotels, also his talents have won him numerous awards before venturing into his own business. His unique creativity combined with his understanding of current dining trends has helped him expand his portfolio. Having deep interest in preserving Indonesian culinary heritage, specifically in using local ingredients and authentic recipes, he combines traditional cooking methods with modern presentations. In Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy, he uncover notable Indonesian cuisine in a different prespective. The purpose is to focus on Indonesian indigenous ingredients, supporting local farmers and celebrating the rich flavors of spices when incorporated in a dish, in order to appreciate the roots of Indonesian culture.
Located at Jalan Kemang Raya no.81 Jakarta Selatan, Nusa Indonesian Gastronomy is uplifting Indonesian indeginous spices, provides the nation’s profusion through contemporary presentations and represents a piece of each region through each bite. The main mission of Nusa is to use the best harvests, to cultivate them using authentic techniques and cooking processes, traditionally then perfected with a moden touch, and lastly, to display them in an original way without leaving their real tastes and genuine characteristics.
Sit down at Nusa’s warm, colonial dining room and try out a parade of elegance selections. Starting it off with tounge-tickled amuse bouche and appetizers such as Oyster with Dabu Dabu Espuma, Karabu Dendeng, and Kohu Kohu Tuna. Then prepare your sense to embrace the sensation of the main courses: Sup Kambing Betawi, Tuna Sambal Tempoyak, Cumi Tinta Hitam Masak Bambu, Sie Kameng, and Gadon Rebung Daging and many more. Finish it off with Klepon, Bubur Kampiun and neutralised your tounge palate with a bowl of Kecombrang Sorbet. Bon apetite!
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