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Mar 24,2015
Natuzzi Sound Chair
Imagine winding up on a chair that surrounds you with the most suitable music with the best sound quality. Natuzzi Sound Chair makes words like ‘innovation’ and ‘technology’ becomes synonyms for ‘comfort’ and ‘relaxation’ because its modern and generous design equipped with loud speakers and a docking station for iPhones and iPods. Its loudspeakers are built directly into the headrest, and the perforations in the upholstery enhance the three-dimensional sound envelope. It’s equipped with 2 outputs; 25 watt amplifiers and 60 watt transformer, 2 double cone loudspeakers with 100 mm diameter and 25 watt power 4 ohm impedance and 3.5 mm mini-jack cable. With all that, it definitely is a perfect armchair for design lovers and audiophiles.
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