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Jun 07,2017
Nannini - The City in A Purse
We all agree that by its very nature, a purse is destined to be every woman’s best friend (after diamonds, of course). Be honest with yourself, you will never step out anywhere without your purse and if you lose it or accidentally forget to bring it, your life could suddenly fall apart. Everything is in your purse. Your wallet, credit cards, driver’s license, make-up, perfume, keys, your notebook, your entire life.
Casting back to years ago, the purse itself was originally used for holding coins and a few other personal items because it came in small shapes and fit into your pocket. Move forward to the 20th century, as time went by, art and fashion started to rule the world and it grew rapidly. That completely affected the shaping of the purse as they became more mobile and the great purse designers emerged. Nannini is one of the designers who has created exclusive purses for 70 years until today.
Starting in the 1940s, Virgilio Nannini, the Godfather of his own brand, conceptualized his company during the World War II while he was working in a field of trains and railways at Florence’s Leopolda station in Italy. He lived with his wife and three sons and the family worked for the military by sewing military tents. Realizing that sewing tents was not very profitable, they then abandoned the tents and created their first bags from a paper-based material that imitated leather. He created a new trend in the land of traditional artisans as one of the first in Italy who founded an innovative procedure. When the war was over, when most people had lost their most important things in life – but not their hopes – Nannini decided to launch his company with the hope of a new beginning and the determination and solidarity of the entire family. Their first bags were simply made, with a rough, unyielding leather. When Virgilio Nannini passed away in 1960 and passed on the business to his three sons, they stayed focused on simple but elegant designs.
Today, the third generation of Nannini, Fabio, Silvia, Sandra and Luca, still run the brand and welcome Giordino Frangipani of the Gruppo Frangipani and Giovanni Shen of the VSV Group as the leading figures of the 2014 Nannini acquisition. The success of the brand has brought them to 12 countries throughout the world. Not just in Europe but also to Asia and the Middle East. In 1998 they opened their first Japanese store in Osaka and it was followed by the opening of the Saudi Arabia’s stores and then in China, South Korea, and Indonesia.
Representing the pure spirit of Florence with its natural beauty where traditional Italian craftsmanship has blended with feminine modernity, Nannini continues to give you exclusive purses and handbags with more choices for those who appreciate high quality leather.
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