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Apr 18,2015
Living the Dream
Indonesian photographer Jerry Aurum thinks that, in this day and age, ideas worth more than a dime a dozen. Despite limitless possibilities offered by technological evolution, he believes that great ideas are what really separate great photographers from the rest.

Jerry Aurum had a case of identity crisis. “For many years, I didn’t even know what to call myself,” he says. “Whenever I gave lectures or workshops or [took part in] talk shows, I often got invited for different roles,” he says, noting that he’s been asked to talk about photography or to give social commentaries. Sometimes, he would wear his entrepreneur hat; something he almost did permanently in the past.

“I’d be a multimillionaire, doing mining, oil palm, etc,” he says, when asked about what he would have been doing if he weren’t a photographer. “Because I do know that I have the capability. There was a point where I had to choose who I wanted to be, whether pursuing my dream and doing what I really love or pursuing the life of a real millionaire.” In the end, he chose his dream.

Jerry is now an award-winning, internationally-acclaimed Indonesian photographer and graphic designer. He started his professional career in 2000, when he established Jerry Aurum Design & Photography. Since then, he has shot hundreds of commercials and various fashion spreads, among many others. His works have been displayed in exhibitions and won him numerous awards in Indonesia and many other countries around the world. When he’s not busy taking pictures, Jerry would spend his time with wife, singer Denada, and their baby daughter, Shakira. And, as if his resume isn’t colorful enough, he has also published three books: Femalography (2007), In My Room (2009) and Hampir Fotografi (Almost Photography), which is available in stores starting March this year.
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