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Mar 23,2015
Karolina Toleikyte: Living in the Uncomfort Zone
The long-haul flights, from sunny to snowy, sushi for lunch and possibly escargot for dinner, and in between tight photo shoot schedules is where Karolina Toleikyte lives. But while she travels the globe and does modeling in between, or you can say the other way around, the extra cheese devotee admits that she doesn’t quite see modeling as her end game. She’s only 18 and thirsty, and definitely nowhere near stepping on her brakes. The least expected to be a model turned winner of the biggest fashion channel in the world’s beauty pageant shares her story during her visit to Indonesia. Ladies and gents, Miss fashiontv 2014!

fashiontv (ftv): When did you start modeling? 
Karolina Toleikyte (KT): I started when I was 13 in my country, Lithuania. Then when I was 14, I left my country and went to Milan and did modeling there for two years. While there, I was traveling around the world, like to Tokyo, Osaka, South Korea, Milan, Paris, and New York. For the last 2 years I’ve been based in New York. 

ftv: You must have done a lot of work; can you tell us about it?
KT: I’ve done a lot of magazines in my life and couple of fashion weeks in Milan and New York. Last year I worked with the Disney Company in New York.

ftv: Oh, that’s great! What about the previous New York Fashion Week 2014 or Paris Fashion Week 2014?
KT: No, I didn’t get a chance to do both because I was studying. I’m still in high school, so I have to graduate first.
ftv: Wow, so you’re still in high school? 
KT: Yes, I’m in the twelfth grade. I should be at school right now! Hahaha.
ftv: How do you juggle between modeling, school, and traveling around the world?
KT: I study on my spare time and send the exercises to my teachers online. Surely they are not so happy with my studies because I’m traveling and barely there, but I think I’m very good at juggling both because with all the traveling and the working, I’m still able to maintain good grades. My teachers are also proud of my career and achievements in modeling.  
ftv: Do you have a passion for anything? 
KT: Music and art. I played piano since I was 5, I graduated from music school and got a diploma degree. I could be a teacher now! Music is my way to get relaxed. Whenever I feel down or if I’m really happy, I just sit down by the piano and keep it playing; that’s the way I express my emotions. Also sometimes I paint. You know, I’m kind of an artist! 
ftv: Now tell us the story of how you joined Miss fashiontv?
KT: I joined the contest in Cyprus a couple weeks ago. Among all the beautiful girls from so many different countries, luckily I won. At first, of course, I didn’t expect to win at all, I was like, “Okay, I came here, now let’s see what happens.” And when I was crowned, I thought to myself, “Oh, so this is what happens!” Since then, I’ve been working with fashiontv; it’s an exciting experience.
ftv: Do you think winning Miss fashiontv has become your biggest achievement?
KT: I’m sure that this is not my last goal. I want to be an actress, actually. I’m studying at the New York Film Academy. That is what I want to do with my life. Modeling is just to help me get there and help me get used to the camera. In my country, Lithuania, I’m also working on TV; I’m doing shows and a lot of stuff. But in the next 5 or 10 years, if you ask, I would love to have my own family.
ftv: You’ve traveled a lot, but did that come after you did modeling, or have you also been traveling before? 
KT: Way before! My first trip was when I was 5 years old; my mom took me to Paris and I fell in love right away with it. I told my mom, “You know what, Mom, you just made a mistake by taking me to Paris because I want to live in a big city like this. I don’t want to go back home.” So of course she understands that growing up I won’t be at home a lot; I’ll be traveling. I’ve been to almost all countries in Europe, also a lot in Asia and the United States.
ftv: Has traveling influenced you?
KT: A lot! You know, how I’m talking right now or how I’m acting right now, it is all because I have traveled a lot and met new people everyday from different countries and cultures. I learn from them.
ftv: Do you like to live out of your comfort zone? 
KT: Yes, I do believe that life starts out of our comfort zone. Traveling is my kind of ‘living out of the comfort zone’ because I’m going to new countries and new cities every once in a while. Of course that’s not my comfort zone, and I find that it’s adventurous.
ftv: Last but not least, can you describe yourself in 3 words?
KT: Well, I want to say ‘I love fashiontv’, but... hahahaha! Wait, I need to think. Hmm, this is so hard! How to put myself in 3 words? Okay, okay, can you write down; ‘beautiful, spontaneous, traveler’?
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