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Mar 23,2015
Fitria Yusuf: A Written Passion
Because of her charismatic and graceful attitude, Fitria Yusuf demands everyone’s attention; not only men, but also women. fashiontv tries to follow the dropping hints and find where Fitria Yusuf’s heart at. 

Busy with Businesses 
Fitria’s current activities are running businesses in food and beverage, and also property, “I am currently a director of Ozone food mall in Pantai Indah Kapuk and also currently preparing the opening of Ozone hotel located at the same place that will operate in December 2014. I am also a corporate responsibility team at Cipta Marga Nusaphala Persada, a toll road construction and management company.” But not only that, she also runs a hair and treatment plus tanning salon called Glam and Go located in Bintaro, Jakarta. It’s interesting to know a young woman can juggle multiply contrast businesses like that since it took a great responsibility and commitment to make it all happen.
Entrepreneurship has keep Fitria’s hands busy since years and years ago. Her first business was a clothing line boutique called Ivy Beautique, “I once have a boutique but it is a small business that requires a lot of traveling commitment. Besides, I also have other career as a property developer and corporate responsibility director in a toll road construction and management company. I figured the business was taking too much time for me and I rather focus in a bigger picture. And fashion retail is quite complex; there are many high street label coming in and I simply do not think it is wise to focus on that.” But as for now, Fitria has been focusing herself on the property business. She sees property as a promising opportunity to grow and develop, so she thought, “Why not sticking with it for a while?”

Her Baby Books
But just because entrepreneurship took a big chunk out of her time, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have another for what her hearts really wants to pursue. “Writing is my passion. I have other main job but I will always love to write and to publish more books.” In 2009 she published a book entitled 'Little Pink Book: Jakarta Style & Shopping Guide'. The hero of her book is fashion and lifestyle. “It is a book that combines style and shopping guide in Jakarta, the style guide reviews on basic styling, tips to maintain and care for your wardrobe, and provides practical information about international and local brand.” It all started back when she worked at a fashion magazine as a fashion editor; people were asking her where to shop this, where to shop that with best price, and so on. So she thought it might be a great idea to pour her knowledge into a book. Taken from the author herself, who’s been traveled a lot and shop in many different countries, Fitria opens up on how to shop smartly, “Well, honestly, I am an impulsive shopper, but I always try to purchase something that I need and suit my personality and activity rather than be tempted by discount or trends.” Hear hear, ladies!
Hit bookstores with satisfying number, Fitria finished another book together with her friend Alexandra Dewi in 2011. The second one entitled ‘Hermès Temptation’; another fashion-themed book, but comes in a catchier and more intriguing title, and also subject. According to her, it’s not solely about Hermès; it’s beyond the brand, “The book is actually not about inspiration from Hermès. It is more about popular culture that a luxury brand has become a status symbol and phenomenon in social life.” The whole content is accentuated on a journey of Fitria and Alexandra who have been reselling Hermès, Birkin, and Kelly bag in Indonesia for almost two years. On that book, people can feel the laugh and cry as the authors tell their ups and downs in running the business, weathering criticism, warding off scams and turning France upside down in search of the elusive Birkins and Kellys. While Alexandra gave the wittiness sense to the book, Fitria added the sincerity of fierce yet darling touch. “Hermès Temptation is a celebration of all women,” said her. With this book, reader can see how people can be so superficial for something so artificial, for a piece of a branded bag that priced at the same amount of money that could buy a new car or even a decent house in Jakarta; very nicely written.

“I don’t dress for fashion.”
In terms of fashion, Fitria sees it as a passion. “But fashion has never dictated my style. I don’t dress for fashion; I dress for my body and my personality. If you see, my style never changed because I don’t tend to follow what’s trending because what’s trending not necessarily fits my personality. I just stick to my personal style, which is sexy simplicity, and try to feel as confident when I wear something.” Her favorite Indonesian designers are Sally Koeswanto and Stella Rissa who are best for their sexy, flattering and feminine dresses. “I like to put on something with a certain silhouette that flaunts my body curve. If you ask International designers I like the most, it’s The Only, a rising Australian designer, and also Zac Posen.” 
But when we asked what is the biggest spending she’s ever made, she refused to spill the detail and smiled, “No matter how pricy something I bought or purchased, they goes no where but to spoil my loved ones other than myself.” 

The Loved-Ones
Her hardly-defined ‘loved-ones’ reappear on the next topic we bring, “I feel most comfortable being surrounded with my loved ones. But, I also feel comfortable being in a strange exotic place. I am a true adventurer, so I cannot live in mundane routines and predictable situation.” Her biggest and most ultimate goal is to live her life to the fullest without harming other people and share her blessings to others. She has no regrets, “I attempt to continue living my life in a way so my life will not have any regret.” 
In terms of being women, the woman of her own shares that it is important to be confident and to know their principle. Well, we couldn’t agree more because that kind of woman must drives men crazy. She chuckles on that and finally draw a final line over the connecting dots that leads towards her heart, “If we talk about men, there are three things a man can do to flatter me; I admire men that know what he wants, reliable and responsible and also have a fear of God. Of course, loving and caring are also expected.” 

Fitria’s Fact:
Tell us 3 crazy things you want to do before you die! I do crazy things on a regular basis, so I do not really make a list hahaha!
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